Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Shopping Spree: H&M and Hot Topic

Before I launch into my review, I'd like to share some shopping theory with you that will, hopefully, make your shopping much more productive and exciting.

I call it, the Holes Approach to Fashion Brilliance. The theory behind the HAFB is that instead of searching around wildly for clothes and buying items you'll regret later, you should look at your wardrobe like a grocery list.

Step 1: Analysis- What do you own the most of? What do you need? Do you own a Little Black Dress *you should!!*? Do you own sold pants in grey, black and an earth tone (usually brown)? Do you own both a relaxed pair of jeans AND a dressy, sophisticated pair (no holes, distressed elements or patches)? Do you have camis and tanks and layering pieces? Do you have bold "wow" pieces that jump out and draw attention to your favorite parts? Skirts? Wraps? Cute Jackets? Kitten heels and sassy sneaks?

Step 2: Identify the "holes" in your wardrobe. If you're missing any of the elements above, jot them down! Is your closet mostly solids, or patterns? You need a balance of both!

For example, Here's my List:

*patterned shirts/camis
*lacey/girlie camis
*skirts (brown/neautral and patterned)
*black kitten heels
*button down shirts
*belts, big ones!

Step 3: Carry your list in your purse and keep a keen eye out for your needed pieces and knock em out!


Ok,lesson over!

I recently took a trip to my local shopping mall for a bit of cathartic shopping. My main target was H&M's mega sale, which promised gigantic savings off of their clearnace items *and Madonna's current line had caught my eye*, though I found myself disappointed with their offerings. H&M, what are you THINKING???!! First off, their colors are garish and everything looks like it was stripped off of a 1970s couch and modeled after maternity clothes. The whole empire-waist-babydoll-dress thing is ridiculous! The cuts are not only unflattering to curvalicious femmes, but just plain awful on female bodies in general. And with the whole leggings craze going on, I keep having nightmare flashbacks to the mid 90s. I hate to say this, as I am a long-time lover of H&M, but they really need to get their act together!!

I did find two items that were well worth it and fit the holes in my wardrobe- a cute patterened T shirt and a black and pink, totally punk rock Space Invaders-esque hoodie *sadly, H&M has no pictures online...*

HOWEVER I struck gold at Hot Topic and their clearance sale. For fifty bucks I walked away with two sexy button-down shirts (one with a great pin-stripe pattern, the other is very pin-up like with a sweet screeching eagle on the back), two big stretchy belts (one in houndstooth, one in hot pink/black lace), a funky Virgin Mary necklace and a neat black ring belt. And I could of bought more, but I restricted myself to fifty bucks. Their half-off clearance sale is NOT to be missed and is still going on, as far as I know, so get out there! This is a chance to get some wild and crazy pieces to add to your wardrobe at a great price (and a little secret... throwing in one wild accessory can really perk up your work get-up and keep you feeling young, hot and sassy).

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