Thursday, June 21, 2007

BUXOM Loves: Fashion

Whew! It's not even 9am my time and already I have two amazing fashion spots to share. I think that my whines last night of, "Dear God, it's so hard to find hot, cute clothes in my size that don't try to cover me up or make me look like a matronly cow. Please help!" were answered. So, without further ado, here's the goods!

Bitten | by Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker may just be my new heroine. With her new clothing line, Bitten, SJP has tackled two major problems in one: good fashion that is a) affordable & b) comes in sizes bigger than 14/15. My perusal of Bitten this morning made me just want to kiss her (come n get it SJP! Ok, maybe not... Ok, maybe). The styles offered are fresh, young, exciting, sexy and meow! I couldn't stop clicking on the preview fashions and had to pick my jaw up off the floor at the prices- a cute shirt for eight bucks?? Sailor pants for under twenty??!! And that's not the best part- sizes range from 2-22 AND she actually has a few plus size models showing off the goods. However, and this is my only criticism, it's only like two women and the rest are pretty model-esque... HOWEVER we will not look an awesome step forward-horse in the mouth.

Thanks to Lorien for passing this on to me (she also has found/purchased some of the line and is very happy with the results)!

Hips and Curves

Lingerie shopping drives me nuts. Usually this is because I go to one of the big department stores in my area and everything is designed for less-endowed women. Even if I do happen to desire a sexy little night dress and find it in my size, the chest usually doesn't offer enough room for my tatas and ends up making them look like lumpy, satin covered sacks. Looking in the mirror and seeing myself in this state instantly triggers a much sore rant- how the fashion industry doesn't think bigger women are sexy and, therefore, doesn't make sensual apparel that fits and compliments us. OR if it does make lingerie that is supportive and tailored to our curves, it's matronly, stuffy and usually in beige.

So, you can imagine my extreme happiness this morning when Anna sent me the link for Hips and Curves. Surfing around it, I not only found a ton of affordable and really sexy items (the diva in me immediately checked out their corsets/bustiers), but the models alone made me want to jump up and do an 80s "YES!!" fist in the air. It's so refreshing to see Curvalicious lingerie models who aren't hiding their bodies or being bashful/sterile looking. Looking at these awesome, vampy chicks is inspiring and their fashions are so sassy!

Thanks to Anna for passing along this awesome fashion site!


mabjustmab said...

Yea! More Links to shops for the big girls! thank you!

I want some new, hip clothes that are not Mu-Moos.

the ineffable b said...

We're planning on going and road-testing some of these in the next month... want to come with? They sell the SJP Bitten line in Baltimore.

Amazon Hips said...

Man, I got all excited about the Bitten stuff, and then went to search for stores and realized the closest one to me is in Los freakin' Angeles. What's up with San Francisco not getting any Bitten love?

the ineffable b said...

I think Bitten is just getting off its feet, so they are doing a limited offering as far as cities are concerned.

weep! anna, I shall yell at SJP and tell her to send some to San Fran!

Ladybug said...

I'll ride along with the Bitten Brigade, if I'm free! I wanna check it out.

Anonymous said...

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