Tuesday, June 19, 2007

BUXOMbling: Godess Style

Sihaya Designs on Etsy

Every girl needs a little bling to adorn her fabulous self, especially BUXOM Broads. A beautiful, flirty necklace brings just the right attention to your purdy d├ęcolletage and can really give you an sassy fashion pick-me-up.

Sihaya Designs' creations are definitely feminine, flirtatious and sassy, but there's more- they're all about female energy and goddess archetypes. Sihaya Designs pairs together gorgeous stones, shells and baubles with flattering settings that bring out your inner goddess- sultry Venus (pictured above), sinuous Snake Goddess of Crete (below). Plus, if you don't find your inner goddess in her shop, just commission her to whip one up for you.

The prices are also very reasonable for handcrafted work, with ranges from $15-$45. Also, you've gotta love a Woman-owned business!

Check out the entire Sihaya Designs Collection for more treats.

(NOTE: All BUXOM shops are featured for merit of fashion awesomeness and NEVER due to any form of payment or advertising buck. Nepotism is also frowned upon, so shop with confidence!)

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